1.Dolphin tail type, exquisite and novel but classic.
2.Bow-shaped grip to neck and body. Seamless massage and energy send to every neck skin.
3.USB cable charging, safe and environmental.
4.Three light mode
Blue light
A .Low speed mode
B .Normal temperature, low vibration direction.
C .Vibration frequency: 6200 times / minute
D .the skin, tighten loose skin, reduce the pore, extremely improve oily and sensitive skin.

Green light
A .Middle speed mode
B .Heating,the temperature is 42℃, middle vibration sensation
C .Vibration frequency: 9500 times / minute
D .Improve the oxygen of the cells, according to the alternative function, it promotes the circulation of the body's stomach, lymphoid dredge and edema, and also has the effect of calming the skin with balance and stability.

Red light
A .High speed mode.
B .Heating,the temperature is 42℃, high vibration sensation
C .Vibration frequency: 12500 times / minute
D .Makes the visibility of the cells improve, accelerates blood circulation, promotes the growth of the collagen nucleus of the fiber cells. It has an obvious effect to soften wrinkles and wrinkles, firm skin, fades melanin and scar, etc.


Item Type:Double Chin Neck Device







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