Amazon Prime Video – 1 Year



AMAZON PRIME video, mail access, limited offer, worldwide, 3 devices, ALEXA compatible

Q1: what do you buy?

A1: Brand new full access to Prime video with 1/3/6 month subscription.

Q2: How can I use it?

A2: After your purchase, we will send you a Prime Video ID within 12 hours. You can visit or download the Prime video app from the App Store or PlayStore. Then login with the id we provide to you.

Q3: Combine devices that I can use simultaneously?

A3: 3 devices at a time. Q4: Is there any warranty?

A4: All purchases come with a lifetime warranty for the duration of the product.

Q5: When and how will I receive my ID?

A5: We will send the identification details to you in DSKA message, you can expect the delivery in 1-3 hours after your purchase and payment. In rare circumstances, it may take a MAXIMUM of 24 hours.

Q6: What kind of devices can be used?

A6: Fire TV Stick, Smart TV, Blu-Ray player, Streaming media player, Game console, Fire tablet, iOS phone or tablet, Android phone or tablet. Q7: Can I watch the video offline?

A7: Watch offline on the Prime video app when you download titles to your iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android device.



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